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Hi there. Some Kurt-fic RECS. [25 May 2012|06:33pm]

[ mood | curious ]

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

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New Comm? [01 Dec 2011|10:34pm]

I come offering the notion of a new kind of land comm geared only for a certain fandom, or a certain type of fandom. A land comm is basically a community where members are divided into teams and take part in fulfilling certain challenges, usually varied amongst fan fic, art, captions, and games, to see who can reach a certain score point first, but though the members are divided and all are trying to bring their team to reach the goal first, they remained united in their love of the fandom. For the type of land comm I'm suggesting, members would still be divided into teams and would still be trying to see who could score the big number first, but the challenges would all be fic based. Read on if interested.Collapse )
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Please Help? [29 Nov 2011|05:29am]


Hey there,
I'm new to the community, and was wondering if anyone knows where I could find copies of InterNutter's fics, particularly Misfits and others involving Sara. I know she has a fanfiction.net page, but the version of Misfits on there is about another 20 chapters short of the one that was on her site before it crashed.  I PM-ed her, but haven't had any luck, and I know it is likely to be a while, if ever, before she gets her s

There was also one involving Kurt and either Amanda or kitty reincarnating through the ages, and I can't for the life of me remember it, as well as one with Kurt being sold to a circus and promptly adopted by a member of the crew who remids him of his mother.

Any help would be much appreciated in finding these. Or any links to recommended fic.

(sorry about the lack of cut, my browser is misbehaving tonight)

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Fic: The Storm Within (R) HET with some slash references! [13 Apr 2011|11:55am]

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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We need a Kurt! [01 Dec 2010|05:16pm]

Seriously, we need a few people!Collapse )
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Nightcrawler fanart! [11 Jul 2010|11:12pm]

Hey just some Nighty fanart. Sorry if you're seeing this everywhere.

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[02 Apr 2010|10:41pm]

Looking for a few good mutants and even humans, too!Collapse )
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Old Nightcrawler Gen Art. [22 Mar 2010|08:35pm]

Nightcrawler 2
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Medium: Prismacolor markers

Link: http://calling-alice.livejournal.com/46208.html
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Tribute! [05 Mar 2010|04:16pm]

Link!Collapse )
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sketchy >D [04 Mar 2010|06:15pm]


i dare you, click here!Collapse )
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Fanartz! [03 Mar 2010|12:48pm]


(click that)

These two look rather okay tooCollapse )
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woho, Waldmaer did fanart... [30 Jan 2010|03:56am]

[ mood | awake ]

...only beause of this young lady who post under me ;D shame on you X3

Verdammt, immer dieser Schlafzimmer-Blick   =3=
Oh yeah, and my icon is also selfmade.. please don't use it, it's for me and chimyen  only!

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A fanmix! [19 Jan 2010|05:24am]

I went through community, but didn't find any fanmixes/fst (how's this thing called anyway?). If I missed it, please let me know, because I quite like this kind of creative work of fans. 
I like that so much that I did a fanmix myself. Aaand it's here with all links and lyrics, and tracks. 
Here's the cover. (A fanart of mine, actually, I couldn't stop at the "put random songs in a folder named "Kurt"" point.)
I really hope you'll like it.:3

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Comic request [14 Jan 2010|12:44am]

Hey community :3
I got a comic request:
I'm sorry if it's kinda stupid, but I'm not so into comics >_<
But I found this pic and I want to ask where he's appearing in this outfit....?

Thank you  :3
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[03 Dec 2009|12:37pm]

[ mood | awake ]


Marvel [Mystique (Jean), Norman, Nate Grey, Dark Beast, Meggan/Nightcrawler, Medusa, Lockjaw, Black Bolt, Quicksilver, Luna, Warlock, Dani Moonstar, Karma, Dazzler, Storm, Jean Grey, Cloak/Dagger]
Actress [Q'orianka Kilcher]
Band [Girl In a Coma]

Crossed Posted here
@ mortisluvcats

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[12 Nov 2009|07:41pm]

DC [Poisin Ivy, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Joker]
Marvel [Cyclops, Jean Grey, Viper, Dazzler, nightcrawler, Meggan, Thor, Loki, Cannonball, Spiral, Storm/Cyclops, Angel]
Doctor Who [Ninth and Rose Tyler]
Pushing Dasies [Ned, Olive, and Chuck]
Howl's Moving Castle
jekyll [Hyde, Tom, and Claire]

Crossed-posted @ nightingaledies
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Bamfy MUGEN [15 Oct 2009|01:06pm]

[ mood | okay ]

Didn't make these myself but thought I'd share anyway:

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The Kurt is not dead! [03 Oct 2009|09:45am]

[ mood | hungry ]

So here's something really fantastic that my friend made for me. She's going to school to become an animator, and for her scultping class, she made me:

A statue of Nightcrawler dressed as Abraham Lincoln! Or... Abraham Lincoln dressed as Nightcrawler! I'm not entirely sure which, but it's amazing and I love it. Quite possibly the coolest thing she's ever made for me, and I knew you fine folks could appreciate it. :)

More pictures of this awesome statue behind the cut.Collapse )

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I do hope this community isn't dead. [03 Oct 2009|04:52am]

Nothing since 2008...helloo~, anyone alive around here?
Anyway, I felt nostalgic about my NC obsession of about 4 years ago, re-read "Ultimate X-men", then Uncanny, then started Excalibur...oh wel, I think we're back to fangirling again.:D
Since August I've been drawing-drawing-drawing and you can see results here and here.

Some example of that lame fanarts.

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The X-Legacy RPG [08 Sep 2009|04:18am]

[ mood | chipper ]

An X-Men Movieverse Forum RPG - Set after X-Men: The Last Stand


Several years have passed since the battle at Alcatraz, but tensions have remained bubbling from opposing forces in both the mutant and human forces. However, there has been no wide-spread conflict for a while, and many are hoping the peace will linger. Xavier's remains a place for mutants in need, young and old alike, while many mutants have also set up their own homes in the state of New York. This calm isn't going to be long-lasting, however, as there's news on the wind of a virus coming to American shores, a virus too fast and too deadly to be natural. And what's worse, is that its target is mutantkind.

Known as the Legacy Virus due to its specific genetic target; symptoms include headaches, fever and sickness, the signs akin to that as the common influenza. Europe is already suffering from the pandemic, and there are fears it could kill mutants all over the planet. The rumblings between the human and mutant divide are growing stronger in light of this virus. However, while mutants are the most susceptible, a few humans carry an undeveloped x-gene that makes them vulnerable to contracting the sickness. There is a 60% chance of death if the virus is contracted, while others may recover, or some with stronger immune systems are able to avoid the worst of the virus' symptoms. The length of time between first symptoms and possible death varies between individuals, depending on their health and immunity strength. There is currently no available cure, but scientists are working as fast as they can to try and combat the illness. Military organisations are preparing to police the streets to aid regulation, while the government is considering a series of systems and monitoring with the medical authorities to try and control the virus. Quarantines are currently on a small scale, but are preparing for the worse. The Mutant Registration Act is looming as the President prepares to declare a State of Emergency.
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